FSI already looking beyond 2020

    The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) hasn’t yet realised its ambition for 2020. But they’re already taking steps towards an even more sustainable international floriculture sector. For growers this mostly means focusing on reliable crop registration. A piece of cake for some, but much more of a challenge for others.

    Growers, traders, retailers, Royal FloraHolland, branch organisations, certification institutes and social organisations (NGOs) are all working together on a sustainable international floriculture sector within the FSI platform. Their ambition is that by 2020, 90% of the flowers that FSI members trade on the international market, will be produced in a sustainable way.

    Jeroen Oudheusden.

    Well on the way

    Programme manager Jeroen Oudheusden says that according to the figures of the end of 2019, 75% of the products of cut-flower growers and 80% of the products of pot-plant growers are now certified. “There’s quite some variety per company and product/origin combination. Especially during the past 2 years, there’s been a huge increase of certified growers as well as certified-product sales.

    ”Traders have been making progress too. Royal Lemkes announced mid-July that they’d reached the FSI goal. The first of the five parties who signed the manifesto ‘Accelerating Sustainability and Transparency Together’ in May 2017 to do so. Three others, Dutch Flower Group, Waterdrinker and FleuraMetz, say they’re still on track for meeting the target. (..)

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