‘Doing business online has become top of mind with many people’

    The last mail order parcel will be leaving the warehouse any day now. In future, Bakker.com will focus entirely on e-commerce. Between 2018 and today, the company’s online sales grew by 850%. The corona crisis was a major catalyst for this growth, as Internet sales exploded.

    ‘We have reached a milestone: Three weeks ago, our last catalogue of green products hit the market, and within a few weeks, we will be delivering the final orders. After 76 years, we are terminating the business that made Bakker big,’ says Paul Nijhof, co-owner of Bakker.com, in his office. As managing directors, he and Stephan Lutke Holzik run the company together from Lisse.

    Knowledge and skills

    Since its restart after bankruptcy, Bakker has focused heavily on e-commerce. Their product category was one of the last to make the move online, because green products are live products involving specific storage and distribution requirements. As such, they present a challenge: ‘This is not a business you can run on the side; it requires knowledge and skills,’ says Nijhof. (..)

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