New trolleys Uni-Troll tested ’successfully in practice’

    German cooperative Landgard, Danish haulier Alex Andersen and Danish nurseries Queen and Rosa Danica have tested new trolleys from Uni-Troll in the supply chain.

    Uni-Troll reports their trolleys (model M2) are tested successfully in the chain from production via distributors to the sales department of Landgard cash and carry’s. The German cooperative will now compile, register and evaluate the impact of the trolley concept on daily operations.

    Uni-Troll sees ’great potential for a climate-friendly solution in using the same trolleys from producer all the way out to the stores’, says CEO Søren Bøgede Andersen.

    The Danish company developed its concept a few years ago as an alternative for the Container Centralen trolleys and pool. The aim of Uni-Troll is developing several trolley models for the supply chain. ’This will improve the working environment and be more cost-effective and more sustainable’, according to Andersen.

    Photo by Uni-Troll

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