We once invested in a small plot of land in Spain and built a house on it. I often think it was the best thing we ever did. We feel that the place is absolutely perfect. The only problem is: we don’t go over often enough. But maybe that’s what keeps it interesting.

    We’re spending two weeks in the house at the moment – a rare occasion. The Pyrenees form our back garden and the Mediterranean our front garden. Cycling is keeping us fit; as many kilometres as possible on the road bike or on the mountain bike.

    But we still start the mornings with the auction clock results of course. We still wake up early every day. And I’ve taken some homework with me, too. At Fresco, I’d spotted four copies of this trade journal, which I hadn’t read yet. What a pleasure to find one or more articles about the auction clock in each edition. I guess I’m not the only person who is fond of the auction.

    I hope that our fellow plant growers managed to get through to the management. Because we’re all auction members. The word says it all: AUCTION. We’re not some sort of internet company. Some sort of Bol.com, Booking.com, whatever.

    I’m writing this in Catalonia, a region that wants to separate from Spain. The Catalans say: we make up 10% of the national population and we do 20% of the work. My wife is originally from England and we’ve had a lot of discussions about Brexit – the British people think they’re better off without any interference from Europe.

    So, I’m surrounded by all these separatist movements and that’s made me think. Why don’t we, 100% auction suppliers, separate from FloraHolland? Wouldn’t it be great without all the fuss and hassle, nothing else than 100% auction suppliers? Imagine what a good deal we’d be able to offer buyers. Distribution of the supply within an hour and reduction of the costs by half.

    If they can do it in England and in Catalonia, why can’t we? The sun is back, the coffee is finished, the flowers have been auctioned, I’m going to get on my bike and continue dreaming of a simple life. Yes, in that respect, we can still learn a lot from our Spanish friends.


    Simon van der Burg,

    Rose grower Kenya

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