‘The whole country is yearning for rain’

    3…..2…..1….. Start…..! And off we go! I look back one more time, but thankfully nobody calls us back. With far too few training miles behind me and a sneaky little muscle ache from the last training run, this is the moment: 60 kilometres on dirt roads, and not a foot of it level.

    Kenya is world leader in unique sports events. The world-famous Lewa marathon is on the bucket list of many marathon fanatics. The 10to4 mountain-bike race, which starts at 10,000 feet and finishes at 4,000 feet, is also gaining popularity. A month ago, I let myself get talked into participating. After all, what’s a little bike ride for a Dutchman?

    At the moment, it is hot and dry in Kenya. While it is supposed to be hot this time of year, it is seldom this dry. We haven’t seen any rain for over two months and very little of it before that. So the whole country is yearning for rain, with the rainy season starting in just under a month. (..)

    Thomas Fransen, Timaflor.

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