These novelties won top awards at IPM 2020

    One Rhododendron for outdoor, one Rhododendron for indoor, one Agapanthus, Arachis and Eyrsimum have won a top award at IPM 2020.

    Several novelties from companies around the world were judged at IPM 2020 in Essen, Germany. The category ’woody plants’ is won by Rhododendron ’Pushy Purple’ (Happydendron) from the German company INKARHO. ’Remarkably flowers: lila with white and yellow in the centre’, according to the jury.

    Photo by INKARHO

    Another Rhododendron won the top award in the category ’flowering indoor plants’: Rhododendron simsii spider Magisnow Winter Beauty from Hortibreed. ’Simply very remarkable’, according to the jury.

    Photo by Hortibreed

    Best in the category ’perennials’ is Agapanthus ’Poppin Purple’, submitted at IPM by Plantipp. This plant is remarkable according to the jury ’because of its very intense and rich flowering followed by another flowering.’An asset for the garden in summertime’, says the jury.

    Photo by Plantipp

    The category ’spring flowers’ is won by Erysimum Hybride ’Winter Charme’ from Kientzler Jungpflanzen. ’This novelty attracts insects to the garden already in early spring’, the jury commented.

    Photo by Kientzler
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