‘Veiling Rhein-Maas is chock-a-block’

    Veiling Rhein-Maas continues to grow. The auction in Germany had another positive year, just like the previous couple of years. Directors Cees Hoekstra and Günther Esser don’t want to be too optimistic, because of all the uncertainty around Covid-19 in Germany. However, they are exploring ways to manage the ongoing expansion because the auction is ‘chock-a-block’.

    “We’re doing really well. The beginning of April was a bit slower than the first three months of 2021 due to new uncertainty regarding the Covid restrictions, as well as the cold weather. But overall, we’re happy, reports Cees Hoekstra. He and his colleague Günther Esser have seen the turnover of Veiling Rhein-Maas steadily increase over the past ten years, reaching €387 million in 2020.

    And they’re expecting further growth for this year. Another substantial increase, according to Hoekstra and Esser. How much exactly, they won’t say. Despite the positive first quarter of the year, they’re cautious. By the end of last year, the auction was heading towards a €400-million turnover, but when Germany went into lockdown in December, that target was just missed. The situation in Germany is still very uncertain today.(..)

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