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Royal van Zanten opens new location in Colombia

Royal Van Zanten’s new location in Colombia is now officially open. This was carried out at the 4th of September by Jeroen Roodenburg (Ambassador...

Danziger Colombia hosts Chrysanthemum “open days” event

Danziger Colombia hosted an “Open-Days” event at its site in Vereda Pontezuela, Antioquia. During the event, growers, buyers and retailers were able to explore...

Colombia: Proflora comes to its XV version

Flower trade show Proflora takes place every two years, it will be held in Bogotá, Colombia from October 2nd to 4th, with more than...

The Colombian Bonanza: Exchange rate in the skies

Colombians have not been this happy in a while. The exchange rate is soaring, making it extremely profitable to sell in a foreign currency,...

Flower export Colombia goes up to $1,500 million

In 2018 Colombia was the second largest flower exporter in the world. The export value of Colombian flowers was $1,500 million. In 2017, Colombia...

Florius starts flower farm in Colombia

Under the patronage of Presidente Ivan Duque of Colombia and Minister-president Mark Rutte of The Netherland, Florius Flowers directors Bas Vloet and Julian Perez...

Richard Fox: “Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Ecuador are key players”

Richard Fox, Director Sustainability with Flamingo Horticulture, among other things, is the new chairman of Union Fleurs, organisation for the international plant and flower...

Colombian Eli Perez: ‘Without people, we’d be nowhere’

Rosamina switched from rose to leucadendron and protea nine years ago. By the end of this year, they’ll have a total of 42 hectares...

Sunny outlook for Colombian floriculture

The Colombian floricultural industry is doing well. The past three years, growers have been making money again. It seems like there aren’t too many...

Also in Colombia the exchange rate remains the potential game changer

My visit to Colombia has come to an end. The only thing left is the long flight home. The impression I got from Proflora...

‘If I were born in Colombia, I’d be working on a farm’

Imagine being stuck in a stuffy office five days per week, or in a dark factory hall. It wouldn’t be my choice, if I...

Is Colombia a safe country? Or isn’t it?

A topic of conversation that has been coming up regularly the last couple of days, is the current safety level in Colombia. After many...

Asocolflores introduces a new brand to position Colombian flowers abroad

The Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (ASOCOLFLORES) will introduced its brand “Flowers of Colombia”, which will be used to position Colombian flowers abroad. The...

Where would the Colombian floricultural industry be without the women?

It’s a well-known fact about the Colombian floricultural industry. The majority of the employees are female. At the two nurseries that we visited today,...

Are things still so rosy in Colombia floriculture?

I’m in Colombia this week. After some stressful moments on the day before my departure. It turned out my passport was only valid for...

‘Thrips is a nuisance for Colombian chrysanthemum too’

Thrips turns out to be a nuisance for Colombian chrysanthemum growers, too. They treat the problem mostly with chemicals. These are some of the...

‘Export of Colombia and Ecuador flowers was totally disrupted’

The past couple of weeks were quite something! Air cargo transport is still chaos. First hurricane Irma, then Maria and if that wasn’t enough,...

More than 300 exhibitors from 13 countries at Proflora, Colombia

Proflora 2017 will take place from4 to 6 October in Bogota. The Colombian bi-annual international flower trade show is organized by Asocolflores, the Association...

Colombian grower Laura Díaz Pérez


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