Belgian rose grower welcomes Minister of Internal Affairs

Belgian rose grower Wim Scheers welcomed the Belgian Minister of Internal Affairs, Annelies Verlinden, to their nursery this week. The minister came to learn more about the floricultural sector. She heard from Scheers how the trade is currently thriving. Thanks to the moderate weather, the demand has been great even during the summer months.

With 3.8 hectares, Wim Scheers from the Belgian town of Kontich, just south of Antwerp, is one of the largest rose growers in Belgium. With LED lighting and the use of biological pest control in place, the company is far ahead when it comes to sustainable greenhouse horticulture. Time to go and have a look, Belgian Minister of Internal Affairs, Annelies Verlinden, must have thought.

It was the first time Minister Annelies Verlinden (on the right) visited a floriculture company.

She visited the company by invitation from the Flemish agricultural and horticultural organisation Boerenbond, which is working to get (or keep) the Belgian floriculture sector on the political agenda. With a production value of 600 million euros, the floriculture and hardy nursery stock sector play an important role in the economy. The sector also employs 3,600 people. (..)

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