Big money entering US agricultural sector

‘I’m not sure whether it is wise to leave the food chain to the hands of just a few companies. I have noticed that Amazon is entering the food chain and I know that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation owns a lot of land in the United States. Is that really what we want? Where does that leave us as a society?’

Reluctant to make any value judgments on the entry of venture capital in US agriculture and horticulture, Marianne Vaes nevertheless expresses her concerns between the lines. She did so in Jungle Talks, on Paprika Tasty Radio, in an episode focussed on US horticulture as venture capitalists seem to have discovered the US agricultural sector.

The horticultural area in the US is still smaller than that of its neighbours, Canada and Mexico. In terms of scale and the injection of venture capital, however, the roles are reversed, especially in food production.


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