Floribusiness Biggest mail order gardening company bankrupt

    Biggest mail order gardening company bankrupt


    Bakker.com, the biggest mail order company in Europe for gardening, has been declared bankrupt.

    Last Monday the District Court of The Hague declared the bankruptcy of Bakker.com Business bv.

    The court would have confirmed to news site Twinkle that other business units of the mail order company are also bankrupt, but this has not yet been reported to the insolvency register.

    According to interim director Herman Hovestad, Bakker.com was given two months postponement of payment, so the company had time to find new investors. But the court decided to change the postponement into bankruptcy.

    Restart possible?

    Curator Emile ten Berge (Cees Advocates) investigates the possibilities for a restart of the commercial activities. According to the curator, several investors have already reported.

    Bakker was established in 1945 and became the biggest mail order company in Europe for gardening. It had an annual turnover of €120 million. The last few years Bakker.com tried to change from traditional catalogue ordering into online ordering.






    Arno Engels
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