‘Certificate should remain a free choice’

56% of Royal FloraHolland’s suppliers are currently not certified. It’s not like they’re against it, but they don’t see the added value. “If certification meant a higher price for example, we’d all apply straightaway.”

This is how Paul Rewijk describes the feelings of many of his colleagues. Some entrepreneurs are very upset about the plans for mandatory environmental registration and certification.

Costs, time and varying customer requirements are much-heard arguments raised by growers objecting against the upcoming compulsory registration and certification. FloraHolland’s Members’ Council formulated certain preconditions which they feel should be fulfilled before they can give their support to the idea. They are also in line with those arguments.

The truth is that many growers are sceptical as to whether these preconditions will be fulfilled in time for them to respond. In addition, there are many growers who are against the obligation altogether, like Jan Star, Wim de Jong, Paul Rewijk and Edith Edith van der Salm. (..)

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