Danes are working on their own version of Air So Pure

    Danish growers, led by marketing organisation Floradania, are working on the development of a concept that emphasises the air-purifying qualities of green plants: ‘Bevar dig vel’. The new concept was one of the eye-catchers at the Handelspladsen fair that recently took place in Odense.

    Peter Larsen-Ledet, director of Floradania, explained that Danish growers already launched a concept around the air-purifying qualities of green plants ten years ago. But it never took off. “We’re going to try it again, with a new concept. Green plants are very popular at the moment. They were in demand twenty years ago and that demand has returned. Plants have a positive effect on people’s living environment and for that reason, they’re currently trendy all over Europe”, said Larsen-Ledet.

    Not all the details of the new concept have been finalised yet. But at Handelspladsen, a trade fair that takes place four times per year, the first outline was presented. The concept will be called ‘Bevar dig vel’, which means something like ‘Stay healthy’. Larsen-Ledet compared it with the Dutch concept Air So Pure, which was launched ten years ago by green plant growers and also promotes the air-purifying qualities of green plants.

    According to Larsen-Ledet, the concept is not specifically targeted at young people. He did point out though, that the group of young people seems to be growing all the time. “The term ‘young people’ used to refer to the age group of 20-30, but nowadays it includes everyone aged 20 to 45.”

    Larsen-Ledet said that he hopes that more countries will decide to promote plants in this way. “’One message – many voices’ can make a difference to consumers’ approach to plants.”




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