Do I regret that it is over?

After 8 years I am writing my last column this week. Since 2013, I have been happy to share our experiences. I hope that you as readers have enjoyed reading the columns. Quite a lot has changed in that time. Still, some things keep recurring as a common thread.

The past year was a year of emotional moments. The last plants were sold. The greenhouse was emptied. The crop was sold. All this happened at a rapid pace. There was so much to do and not so much time to dwell on reality. Now that everything is over, I miss the plants, the work in the greenhouse, the warmth of the sun, the contact with the customers. It’s pretty quiet around me. No more calling or ordering. There is no staff or driver. It is time to become silent myself and to orientate myself on the coming years. I call it a Sabbath year, a transition period. (..)

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Jack VanderMaas
Jack VanderMaas
7 maanden geleden

Thank you Angelle, it was nice to read your blogs. I hope you enjoy your retirement and your well deserved rest. I will miss you <3