Dümmen Orange and Kordes Rosen start collaboration

Dümmen Orange, world’s largest breeder and propagator, and Kordes Rosen, breeder of cut, pot, and garden roses based in Germany, signed an agreement to develop and broaden their collaboration by working together in the Dümmen Orange rose show garden in De Kwakel, the Netherlands, creating access to the best in roses for their customers.

The agreement was signed on May 28 by Philippe Veys (IPT Leader Cut Flower, Dümmen Orange), Koen Stigter (Junior Product Manager Rose, Dümmen Orange) and Göran Basjes (Sales/Area Manager Cut Roses Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Kordes Rosen). From now on, Dummen Orange and Kordes Rosen will be collaborating in Europe by working together in the Dümmen Orange show garden for cut roses in De Kwakel.

The collaboration creates a win-win situation for both companies and allows customers to choose from an broader range of high-quality and healthy cut rose-material when visiting the show garden. It is easy to visit the garden at Hoofdweg 119 in De Kwakel due to its flexible opening hours.

Recently, Kordes Rosen’s best cut rose varieties and those with great potential, have been planted in a part of the show garden and they are growing really well. Visitors can already see the young plants and the first flowers are expected in the next few weeks. Both companies agreed that Kordes Rosen will lease a part of the show garden, while, Dümmen Orange will also do the propagation of the Kordes rose varieties for the European market.

With Dümmen Orange’s Greencare program in place in De Kwakel, both enterprises guarantee clean planting material for all customers.  Next to propagation on the spot, Kordes Rosen will also make use of the available laboratory for testing starting material.

Koen Stigter, Junior Product Manager Rose with Dümmen Orange is very happy with this new collaboration: “With the Kordes varieties in our show garden in the Netherlands, customers can now choose from an even wider range of varieties, in any shape and colour you can imagine. Joining forces like this creates great opportunities and benefits for us as rose breeding companies.”

John Kordes, CEO of Kordes Rosen, adds: “Dümmen Orange is the perfect choice to present the Kordes varieties to the European growers in a state-of-the-art facility. The European market is quite small and since our clients are also clients of Dümmen Orange, it is more attractive to have the best breeders together under one roof. It is important for us to collaborate with Dümmen Orange, because they are the propagator of the Kordes varieties for the European clients. From our point of view, Dümmen Orange offers the highest standards of security in propagation for our Kordes cut rose varieties.”

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