Dutch growers are pioneering with full-LED cultivation

‘We’ve done lots of trials and we’ll continue testing in practice.’ It’s a comment that could apply to any new development, and one that’s often heard in the discussion about full-LED greenhouses. Dutch Tulip forcing companies have the most experience so far. Growers with other crops, as well as advisers, are closely following the trials. Full LED as a means, not the end. The focus is still on the final product.

Bakker & Zn in Heerhugowaard has a mobile cultivation system. They use crates for the forcing of their Oriental lilies. After the rooting phase in the cold store, the lilies are now starting their growth period in the greenhouse under LED light. All SON-T lamps in that section, around 5,000 m2, have been removed.

Manager Fokke Galema feels it’s a bit too early to share any details regarding the exact amounts of LED light. He refers to a study recently conducted by Plant Lighting, which indicated that 18 hours of 25 μmol PAR per day during the first three cultivation weeks is enough to achieve a good growth, as long as there’s 6 μmol far-red as well.

“We decided to use slightly higher amounts, which leaves a little more wiggle room during the cultivation process”, explains Galema. “But we’ll continue to fine-tune the amount of light and the light recipes. We are the first lily grower who uses LED lighting. It’s great that researchers are working on LED, and that there’s going to be a follow-up study next year.” (..)

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