Dutch rose centre wants to become European centre

    Dutch centre of garden roses Lottum presents ambitious plans to develop the local rosarium and knowledge centre into the European rose centre. This includes a collaboration with Keukenhof.

    Keukenhof is the international showcase for Dutch floricultural sector, especially for flower bulbs. De Rozenhof Lottum, as the rosarium in Dutch village of roses Lottum (in south east of the Netherlands) is named, has the same ambition for roses.

    Roses presented on Keukenhof estate

    De Rozenhof will work together with Keukenhof in sharing knowledge and press information, especially about roses. The idea is that roses from the area of Lottum will be presented and planted on the Keukenhof estate. „We will also advice Keukenhof on roses”, says spokesman Frank Heinemans.

    In Lottum itself, the knowledge centre will expand with test and judging gardens. Students from regional horticulture colleges and universities will do research on garden roses. Also consumers visiting De Rozenhof will be involved in this research.

    Test garden for German ADR competition

    De Rozenhof also wants to become a test garden for the German ADR rose competition. So far that has been carried out on several rose gardens in Germany. The rose garden in Lottum is unique as it’s the only one in Europe with all ADR roses and Excellence Roses (Dutch and Belgian competition) planted.

    In addition, there will be a collaboration with the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, for research on specific biological crop protection. „We want to stimulate sustainability in garden roses”, explains Heinemans, „and De Rozenhof wants to play a leading role in this.”

    In terms of rose production, Lottum and the area around the village is already the most important centre in Europe. Although production has declined in recent years, the region still produces approximately 10 million bush roses per year on a total of 255 hectares.






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