’Effects of greenery on living environment do matter’

The digital version of GrootGroenPlus, the international nursery stock trade fair in the Netherlands, contained English streams on various topics in the industry. Such as the effects of indoor and outdoor greenery on the living environment.

In the studio of GrootGroenPlus in Dutch nursery area Zundert, a round table was held in response to UK research conducted by the Royal Horticultural Society and University of Reading. They have investigated the impact of green walls on the climate around buildings. Hedera helix (ivy) appeared to be the most effective plant cover for cooling buildings in summer, and for reducing indoor humidity in winter.

The round table was organized together with Floribusiness. The British conclusion did not really surprise Loek Jochems of wholesale nursery Laxsjon Plants. ’Plants are cooling the environment anyway, and Hedera always provides full coverage of what’s underneath.’ Nico van Aarle of landscape company Donkergroen contradicted the statement that Hedera seems a bit old-fashioned. ’We still use a lot of Hedera as ground cover in landscape projects, on green walls and as host plants for bees. Hedera is timeless.’ Patrick Kok of the council of Zundert called the UK research ’very interesting for councils, because we are all working on green solutions to problems such as urban heat stress.’

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Image by GrootGroenPlus/Freson Productions

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