‘Egypt is becoming the largest fresh producer in Africa’

Egypt is the country of sun, sand, a dense population and the Nile. This river is the lifeline of the North African country. All agricultural and horticultural activities are located in the Nile delta and on the riverbanks. Egypt is becoming the largest fresh-produce exporter in Africa. The flower industry on the other hand, has lost several large players in recent years. Mohamed Elbassioni of Flora Mix Egypt is the only one left.

The picture that Melle Leenstra paints of the agricultural sector is quite positive. “The sun, the Nile and the people make Egypt a great country”, he says. Leenstra is the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in Egypt and Jordan. He’s been living in Egypt’s capital city Cairo since August 2019, and he was one of the guests in a recent Jungle Talks episode about horticulture in Egypt on Paprika Tasty Radio. Gert-Jan Krook and Tarek el Said of Rijk Zwaan, Mohamed Elbassioni of Flora Mix Egypt, and Engy El Arnaouti of Bio Egypt were also on the show.

Egypt is the place to be

Leenstra: “Egypt is becoming the largest exporter of agricultural produce in Africa. Exports are increasing, there are some great opportunities. Egypt is the place to be. The country also makes a great hub for the Middle East and North Africa.” (..)

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