Europlants UK assures plants are free of Xylella

Due to the risk of Xylella, a number of UK companies stopped importing ornamental plants from Italy. That is not the case at Europlants UK who is specialized in Italian classics for British projects.

’Our business is still going well’, says Oscar Puig who is managing Europlants UK. This cash-and-carry just north of London is the exclusive UK agent and distributor of Vannucci Piante, one of the biggest nurseries in Italy.

In a report published in our newest digital magazine, Puig explains that sales of olive trees are declining because of fear of Xylella. ’But we can track and trace every tree and plant where it comes from. We can assure they are all free of Xylella.’

Click here to read the full report in Floribusiness magazine. No access yet? Click here.

Photos by Arno Engels

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