Five Flemish tulip walls

Tulip walls across the five Flemish provinces recently kicked off the spring season for the plant and flower sector in Flanders. The publicity stunt was organised by the Flemish Centre for Agro and Fisheries Marketing (VLAM) in the context of the Week of the Tulip, which took place from 16 – 23 January.

The Week of the Tulip is one of VLAM’s recurring campaigns. In previous years, the eye-catcher of the week would be a large pick-your-own tulip garden in the heart of Antwerp. They couldn’t go ahead with this event this year due to Covid-19, so the organisation decided to build tulip walls instead.

The walls, which incorporated 2,000 tulips each, were designed by award-winning Belgian florist Stefan Van Berlo.The location of the artworks, which were constructed by local florists in each of the five Flemish provinces, was kept secret so they wouldn’t attract large crowds.

Healthcare workers

Listeners to Radio 2, which sponsored the event, were asked to guess it on the day of the construction. The walls were dismantled in the evening of the same day, and the flowers were given to healthcare workers in the area. (..)

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