Flanders to terminate CHP subsidies

The Flemish government is seeking to phase out CHP subsidies as of 2023. Although growers with existing cogeneration units are not affected by these measures, they are worried about the future. The Flemish plans are part of the climate plan that was published last week.

The CHP certificates (WKC) are an important source of income for Flemish greenhouse growers. They constitute a subsidy scheme that was introduced by the Flemish government to promote the use of cogeneration. According to its website, ‘CHP units allow for the combined generation of heat and electricity and, in doing so, save quite a lot of energy costs. The Flemish government promotes the use [of these units] through support measures’.

Natural gas tax

As of 2023, however, the current support scheme will be overhauled. In order to achieve CO2 reductions in agriculture and horticulture, the use of fossil fuels will be discouraged.(..)

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