Fleuramour: 140,000 flowers and 100 designers at the castle grounds of Alden Biesen, Belgium

    From the 21st until the 24th of September, the international flower spectacular in Belgium wants to rouse your senses with the theme ‘Urban Roots’: paying attention to the beauty and power of nature amongst all the hectic activity of (city) life. About 100 designers from all over the world will transform the castle grounds of Alden Biesen into a dreamy sanctuary.

    The theme this year for ‘Fleuramour – Passion for Flowers’ is called ‘Urban Roots’. ‘Urban Roots’ is a broad collective name for everything that has to do with nature, urbanisation, change and ecology. In fact, it is a return to nature, but in an urbanised world. This edition of Fleuramour reflects the trend that initiatives are emerging around the world to bring our lives back into balance.

    After the acclaimed Culture Clash of 2017 – where traditions of countries and peoples were florally represented – this edition will focus on the fate of the planet. ‘We want to send a message to the world’, says Regine Motmans, Creative Director of Fleuramour.

    Why did you choose the ‘Urban Roots’ theme?

    Regine Motmans, Creative Director: ‘Quite simply, because it allows us to incorporate lots of ideas in one story. More and more, we hear that urbanisation is the cause of so much loss of green space and nature, while at the same time; we are desperate not to lose those green roots. By choosing this theme, I hope that lots of people will pause and reflect on this problem and that they become part of the solution for our planet.’

    Floral creations in 2018 are everything but old-fashioned, they are modern and innovative. Will this attract a younger audience?

    ‘I sure hope so. Young people will feel right at home in Fleuramour. That’s a fact. Green spaces and nature are a big concern to them and our “Urban Roots” theme aligns with their interests. I noticed these trends at Pukkelpop where our team made flower crowns for the festival goers. As we were growing Fleuramour, we also noticed that lots of students interned with famous floral, and that a lot of that young talent is now showcasing their talent. Their daring designs automatically appeal to a younger audience.’

    Fleuramour is holding its 23rd edition. But why should I visit again this year?

    ‘Fleuramour is like a beautiful child that you never get bored looking at. Every edition is different. There are always different trends, new colours, and unpublished combination. This year we will focus more on storytelling; on exciting stories. We challenge the floral artist to dig deeper into their reason for using certain flowers, and how they enhance the story. Right before or during the event, I would urge you to visit www.fleuramour.be to discover all the intriguing ideas behind the wonderful creations.’

    What is Fleuramour’s formula for success?

    ‘Once you’ve visited even one time, all your senses are compelling you to see it again.’

    How so?

    ‘Well, there’s the incredible diversity of wonderful floral creations, the dreamy domain and all the extras like the floral demos, the workshops, the music, the fashion show, the wonderful food and the lovely market. All of this makes a visit to Fleuramour an unforgettable experience.’

    Fleuramour is praised worldwide. It’s sometimes even referred to as the most beautiful flower festival.

    ‘I can candidly say that each designer loves to call themselves a Fleuramour-Ambassador and that each participant thinks that our event is one of the top rated events in the world.’

    What novelty do you have in store for us this year?

    ‘Lots of budget-friendly workshops. We do this in collaboration with EMC and their guest teacher Tom De Houwer, and also with FLOOS and the celebrated Spanish champion Carles Fontanillas. They’ll show how to work with all the latest tips and tricks from the world of floral art.’

    Why do you love Fleuramour so much?

    ‘Being Creative Director of Fleuramour means preparing all year round: talks with growers, designers, schools, volunteers and other partners. I don’t think that there’s been one day last year where I didn’t get a text, received a phone call, an e-mail or a WhatsApp notification. But that involvement is what makes Fleuramour such an incredible event. Lots of designers tell me that when they’re at Fleuramour, they’re not competing; they are trying to get the best out of each other. That is a beautiful thing to behold…’

    Source: Fleuramour.be

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