Fleuroselect presents Gold Medals 2018

    Fleuroselect has awarded Gold Medals 20218 to calibrochoa Double PinkManial, Lewesia Elise ruby red, Zinnia Profusion Red and petunia MyLove Orange.

    Double PinkMania!, the latest addition to the MiniFamous® series, is summer performer in all climates thanks to its strengthened root system and its radiant pink double flowers which will not fade even during the hottest summer days. This Winner fits all medium-sized Calibrachoa growing schemes and can be grown as a single plant or in a mixed basket.

    Following on from the highly successful Lewisia Elise Mix, Elise Ruby Red is a single coloured Lewisia cotyledon which allows producers to grow another single colour alongside Elise White and Mix.

    Profusion Red is a brand new breeding achievement in Zinnia. It has a unique Red colour. Zinnia x hybrida Profusion Red is suited for spring bedding and summer pot production.

    .MyLove Orange is the first male-sterile Petunia that is resistant to cold and hot temperatures. Thanks to its extraordinary branching habit, this Winner can be grown in plugs or in the pack without pinching or the use of growth regulators, at lower temperatures than other Petunias.

    The Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded to new varieties that clearly surpass existing varieties in terms of breeding innovation and beauty. This prestigious award symbolises excellence in breeding and beauty and the organisation promotes the winners in the press, at trade fairs and in display gardens across the world. These varieties are the trendsetters of the moment, and represent the absolute top in breeding and beauty.