Floribusiness Fleuroselect presents Six Gold Medals for 2019

    Fleuroselect presents Six Gold Medals for 2019


    Fleuroselect presents the 2019 Gold Medal winners. Each one of these breeding breakthroughs obtained a high score on innovation, beauty and garden performance, convincing the judges and Entries & Evaluation Committee to award the coveted Gold Medal.

    Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red

    Breeder: Takii, Japan

    Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red is a powerful colour blast in gardens or landscapes but also in containers. This semi-double type presents strong, upright blooming flowers in radiant red. Fiona Red is self-cleaning and provides continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frost. The plants are characterised by a high degree of uniformity and early flowering, enabling easy production. The flower shape and vibrant colour encourage impulse purchases. An excellent garden performance, long flowering window and nicely filled, large flowers will make Fiona beloved by everyone.

    Calendula officinalis Calexis Orange

    Breeder: Van Hemert & Co, The Netherlands

    A dwarf Calendula for commercial growers with beautiful double cactus flowers in a striking orange, that’s what Van Hemert & Co has been aiming for. With its rolled petals surrounding the contrasting dark brown center, Calexis Orange presents a brand new flower shape in dwarf Calendula. This winner can be grown in winter in Mediterranean climates and as an early spring and summer crop in cooler climates. Calexis Orange is sturdy, well branched and has an excellent shelf life on the bench. Consumers will love this newcomer because of its innovative flower shape and vivid colour and can pair it with Calexis yellow, the equally new sister variety.

    Dahlia hybrida Dalaya Amba

    Breeder: Selecta one, Germany

    After winning a Gold Medal for Dalaya Yogi in 2013, Selecta one’s efforts in Dahlia breeding are rewarded again for the latest addition in the Dalaya series: Amba. With its large, semi-double dark red flowers and attractive black centre, Amba is really the mother of garden meditation. Bred for garden usage, this Dahlia also looks fantastic in pots and containers. Amba is fast to produce, needs little PGR and is mildew resistant. Thanks to its large flower and long shelf life, this new winner will perform well at retail level. Consumers will adore Amba as it is low-maintenance and is perfect for pollinators attracting bees to the garden.

    Petunia x hybrida Success! HD Rose Star

    Breeder: Benary, Germany

    Benary introduces the first genetically compact Grandiflora Petunia with a star pattern. Petunia x hybrida Succes! HD Rose Star shows a multitude of flowers with a unique colour pattern in this type of Petunia. Rose Star is a one-of-a-kind addition to any existing genetic compact Petunia growing scheme. Retail will love the idea of offering this popular star pattern now also in compact, big-flowered Petunia. The magnificent colour combination and plant vigour also in cooler climates will convince any consumer.

    Osteospermum ecklonis Enrico

    Breeder: Dalina Genetics, Denmark

    Flowers forever, that was Dalina’s goal when selecting for this magnificent double cream-white Osteospermum. Compared to similar double Osteos, Enrico displays a true abundance of blooms which flower much longer throughout the season. Suited for a cooler climate like Northern Europe, Enrico will look outstanding in containers or in the bed. Thanks to its stability and uniform, compact plant habit, this cutting-raised winner is very easy to grow in the greenhouses. The flowers do not close in the dark or in cool conditions, which offers real benefits at retail level. Consumers will love Enrico’s longevity and multitude of double flowers.


    Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime Orange

    Breeder: Hugo Dittmar, Switzerland

    Distribution: Floragran, The Netherlands

    Introducing the next leading lady to the garden: Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime Orange. The unique colour combination of soft orange and trendy lime puts this beauty straight in the focus of every garden lover. Queeny Lime Orange flowers continuously and looks spectacular in borders but can also be used as a cut flower in bouquets. This newcomer reaches about 80 cm of height and fits perfectly in any existing Zinnia growing scheme. The striking colour combination will ensure success at point of sale. Consumers will adore Queeny Lime Orange for its exceptional colour play and outstanding garden performance.

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