Fleuroselect surprises Sally van der Horst with pelargonium

    Pelargonium Toscana ‘Sally’ will be available from 2018. The new variety has been named after Sally van der Horst, Secretary General of Fleuroselect. This was in celebration of her 25th anniversary with the trade  organisation for breeders and propagators of pot and bedding plants.

    Van der Horst is widely known as Fleuroselect’s mainstay. She’s friendly, ambitious, loyal to her employer, strict when it concerns the organisation’s professional identity and she understands how to develop a strong team. During the reception, several people pointed out that Fleuroselect wouldn’t have survived the year 2007, if it hadn’t been for her. The existence of the trade organisation was really at risk at that time.


    On the 2nd of May, Van der Horst was given a surprise party at Beach Club O in Noordwijk aan Zee. She felt honoured and overwhelmed. But it didn’t take her long to take over from Jean-Francois Ignasse, vice-president Fleuroselect. She thanked everyone and emphasised that Fleuroselect has become a very close-knit trade organisation. She pointed out how unique this is – she doesn’t know any other organisation in the breeding industry where competitors communicate so openly with each other. And that’s how Van der Horst quickly turned her own party into a Fleuroselect party. That’s what she’s like, according to the many guests.

    Pelargonium ‘Sally’

    In 2011, Florensis took over all breeding activities of Silze in Germany, including the Toscana series. The breeder and propagator from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht is going to launch its first, renewed series next year, and all varieties will be given girls’ names. ‘Sally’ is going to be one of them – a beautiful orange-coloured variety.

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