Floral Hall at Grüne Woche Berlin this year’s biggest attraction for the public

    From the final report, made by the Messe Berlin, appears that the Floral Hall is the most popular hall during the last edition of the Grüne Woche. The Floral Agency and The Wunderkammer were responsable for respectively projectmanagement and the creative realisation of the the floral decoration at Europe’s largests exhibition for consumers. This year’s edition counts 400.000 visitors including about 80.000 professionals. The final report can be read here.

    Floral Decoration

    At the end of last year, the Messe Berlin assigned the above mentioned parties to manage the construction of the whole hall, including the floral decoration. The Floral Agency had approached The Wunderkammer to cooperate on this assingment because of the typical style of the owners, Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer. These respectively German and Swiss floral desingers are very well-known and beloved throughout Europe. The duo had translated the theme of the hall ‘Das Paradies ist Uberall’ into seven subthemes. namely: Tulip Valley, Living Desert, Tasmanian Forest, Mediterranean Garden, African Treasures, Hanging Gardens en Botanical Circles.

    Impact of the Green Week extends far beyond Berlin

    The subpresentations were photographed continuously, people made pictures of friends but also a lot of selfies were made. Striking is the fact that a lot of images were shared on Instagram, an online platform for mostly young people. Besides the four items at the German television also Radio Brandenburg Berlin (RBB) paid a lot of attention to the decoration in the Floral Hall, which was quite easy as they had their own podium in the hall. News from the Green Week was spread around the globe by the 4,820 media representatives from 65 countries.

    Support of growers

    The Floral decoration was supported by: Vannova, Van Helvoort Chrysanten, Dekker Chrysanten, Tulpen Promotie Nederland (TPN), Always Kalanchoë. Corn. Bak, Bromelia Specialist.