Flower sector Ecuador sees opportunities in hemp cultivation

The Ecuadorean flower sector sees opportunities in hemp now that the cultivation has been legalised. The conditions in the Andean country are ideal for the new crop, which is limited to hemp with a low THC level (maximum 1%) for industrial and non-psychoactive purposes. There are similarities, as well as quite some differences, with flower growing.

When it comes to the emerging hemp cultivation industry in Ecuador, Barad is a forerunner. The company was founded in 2018 with the aim of exploring possibilities for the cultivation of flax and hemp. Barad set up crop trials in four different regions across the Andean country. Tumbabiro and Tabacundo (north-east of Quito), Tandapi (south-west of the capital) and Chongon (a coastal town close to harbour city Guayaquil).

Barad has a good understanding of the similarities, as well as the differences, with the current flower sector. Alfedo Lopez explains that Barad collaborates with flower grower Klaus Graetzer.

But the conditions also vary from one test location to another. (..)

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