Four new members for the first time on the FlowerTrials

Four new breeding companies have joined the FlowerTrials and will be exhibiting for the first time this year. Bock Bio Science, Gediflora, Prudac en VWS FlowerBulbs.

The German Bock Bio Science specialises in phalaenopsis breeding, but also delivers wild orchids, Gentiana, Helleborus and Peonies. Young plants, semi finalised and finalised plants are available.

Gediflora is a global player in the field of ball-shaped Chrysanthemums, internationally known under the brand name Belgian Mums.

The Dutch breeder Prudac presents ornamentals such as edible Violas, Tomatoes, Peppers, Allium and Cauliflower.

VWS FlowerBulbs exports Dutch Lilium, Gladiolus, Tulip and Iris flower bulbs across the world.

That brings the total participants during the FlowerTrials to no fewer than 52 potted and bedding plant breeders. They present their new innovations, creative concepts and a wide range of crop assortments. From technical information to retail inspiration, from breeding breakthroughs to the latest trends.

Flower Trials take place from 14 up to and including 17 June in three regions: Westland, Aalsmeer and Rheinland Westfalen.