Frederike Israel, Queen Genetics: ‘Time to show a new assortment’

Queen Genetics is a Danish breeding and propagation company, internationally known for its large assortment of ethylene-tolerant pot and cut kalanchoes. The company has been working hard on expanding their assortment, in response to frequent requests from their customers. Not because things are bad for kalanchoe, explains Commercial Manager Frederike Israel. On the contrary, their sales of this product are still steadily increasing.

When they began their expansion activities, the core values of the company were always the starting point: ethylene tolerance, bright colours and longevity. Their first pot roses were exhibited at IPM 2018. And pot chrysanthemums, euphorbia milli, pot asters and echeveria were exhibited for the first time at FlowerTrials.

They aren’t exactly ethylene sensitive crops, admits Israel, but they definitely aren’t completely insensitive to ethylene, either. They still fit in with the business strategy. “We want our crops to be radiant and the flowers to stay open, we don’t want them to look wilted”, is how Israel put it.

During FlowerTrials Queen Genetics presented itself in the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk purely as a breeding company, rather than a propagation company. They choose other fairs for their propagation activities, like IPM.

Israel feels that their participation at FlowerTrials was a good decision and she’s very happy with the location too. Because of the interaction with students and researchers, for example.

Israel noticed that the type of visitors attracted by FlowerTrials is very different from those that come to IPM. The visitors at IPM are more diverse. FlowerTrials attracts more growers, both local and international ones. A target group for Queen Genetics’ assortment.

The commercial manager mentioned they met many new, interested growers, as well as existing relations. Relations who were happy to see the company at the event, if only because it means that they can save themselves an expensive trip to Denmark.

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