Gardens of the world in East Berlin

Germany organises an International Garden Show (IGA) once every ten years. The most recent IGA was held in 2017 in German capital city Berlin. The exhibition took place in Erholungspark Marzahn, at the foot of Kienberg hill in East Berlin. After the exhibition closed, the name of the park was changed into ‘Gärten der Welt’ (Gardens of the World), which can still be visited.

The park in Marzahn was originally developed as the ‘Berliner Gartenschau’ in 1987, when the district still belonged to East Germany, to mark the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin. In 1991, the park was expanded with a range of facilities and renamed ‘Erholungspark Marzahn’. Several Asian gardens were added after 2000, and since 2007, more gardens in different European styles as well. From 2013, the park was remodelled for the IGA of 2017.

‘Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin’ sang Marlène Dietrich in the fifties. Parts of the city were still in ruins, but it was rising from the ashes, only to be split in two by the Berlin Wall in the beginning of the sixties. By now, the Wall is history and Berlin has become one of the trendiest and greenest cities in Europe. One hundred more hectares of green space were added thanks to the IGA of 2017. (..)

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