GreenTech Amsterdam 2018 expands with co-hosted event TOFF

    At GreenTech Amsterdam that will take place from 12 – 14 June in RAI Amsterdam a new event will be co-hosted: The Organic Farmers Fair TOFF.

    The organic farming sector is growing very fast. And at the same time, there is an increasing pressure on agriculture to work cleaner and more sustainably. With the addition of TOFF, The Organic Farmers Fair, at GreenTech Amsterdam 2018 an exclusive group of exhibitors will host a separate hall at RAI Amsterdam on this theme.

    These exhibitors are specialized in seeds and seedlings, fertilizers, compost resources, bio-pesticides, weed control systems, soil cultivation, research and advice. All specialized in organic farming. In line with the GreenTech Amsterdam a knowledge program will be hosted on this topic and will be put together by the following founding fathers of TOFF: Bejo, Delphy, DCM, FiBL, Koppert Biological Systems, Steketee and IFOAM.

    Wageningen UR will be one of the supporting knowledge partners. It will be possible for all visitors to visit both GreenTech and The Organic Farmers Fair.

    This edition GreenTech Amsterdam will host a Precision Horticulture pavilion for the first time. There are more and more innovative techniques for growers to manage their greenhouses. In this pavilion the industry will be updated about the latest hard- and software solutions.

    What does nature has to offer for a better health and how can these crops be economically produced on sustainable and large scale? Visitors can find that out in the new Medicinal & Nutraceutical pavilion. In line with the last edition 3 theaters for the knowledge session program, the Vertical Farming pavilion in association with AVF, the GreenTech Innovation Awards, InnovationLAB, Innovation route and the cooperation with the main breeders of the Flower Trials and Vegetables Tours are present at GreenTech Amsterdam 2018.

    On 11 June, one day before the GreenTech Amsterdam and co-event TOFF, for the second time a high tech Summit will be hosted at RAI Amsterdam. This day professionals from in- and outside the horticulture industry will give their realistic and clear vision on how we will feed and green the world by 2028. The Summit is set up to inspire and give concrete insights for future proof business models for the high tech, international greenhouse growers and investors from all over the world. The program is conducted by a special Summit Committee, an international group of well-known experts.



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