Growers worldwide feel they’ll survive the pandemic

Despite all the problems Covid-19 has been causing for companies, most ornamental growers in the world feel they’ll survive. That was the outcome of a survey conducted by Floribusiness among international floriculture companies. No less than 81% of the respondents described their chances of surviving as high or very high.

A vast 90% of companies reported they had been negatively affected by the coronavirus crisis to some extent. Nearly 60% indicated they’d been hit (very) severely. Of all the responding companies involved in the cultivation of plants and/or flowers, 65% said they were (very) severely hit, compared to 53% of the trading companies. Respondents from North and South America and Africa generally gave more negative responses than European respondents.

Companies are facing a wide range of problems due to Covid-19, but there were two that were mentioned the most by far. First of these was the drop in demand. Sales volumes decreased significantly, sometimes hitting near zero even, orders were cancelled, and traditional distribution markets were, or are still, closed.

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