IFTEX 2019: more flower growers, less technical suppliers

Organizers of IFTEX are busy preparing the 8th edition of IFTEX. The number of exhibitors (164) is showing a steady level, although the distribution of the type of exhibitors has changed. Less technical suppliers and more flower growers are participating in this year’s trade fair.

According to the organizers of HPP Exhibition it is not completely clear why the number of hardware exhibitors went down in this year’s Kenya’s floriculture industry trade fair, but it appears that the investment climate has been affected in such a way last year, causing growers to hold back on buying capital goods. It is for the first time that a significant lower number of technical supply companies will be presenting themselves at this fair with a stand.

IFTEX 2018

International promotion efforts for the fair are going very well and the number of preregistered buyers is growing steadily every week. Like last year a group of flower buyers from the USA is preparing themselves for a trip to Kenya to attend this year’s IFTEX. Furthermore pre registrations of international buyers have come in already from Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Kuwait, Holland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, UAE, United Kingdom and China. Also visitors from countries surrounding Kenya have signed up, countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Namibia.

Special attention will be given to this year’s Growers Quality Competition. Judging will focus on comparisons between varieties and not between types. This will allow both growers and buyers to have a much more useful result. Buyers for better sourcing and growers for possibly better growing.

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