Floribusiness Market & Trends Intratuin is gaining a foothold in Germany

Intratuin is gaining a foothold in Germany


Opportunities for growth are limited within the Netherlands for garden centre chain Intratuin. Unlike in Germany. In this country, the number of franchisees went up from three to ten last year. “We looked all over Europe and in the end, we chose Intratuin”, explains Rainer Ostmann. He changed his five Grün Erleben garden centres into Intratuin stores last year.

In the Netherlands, Intratuin currently has 53 branches, and according to director Peter Paul Kleinbussink, there’s room to expand to a maximum of around 60 stores. It makes Intratuin’s opportunities for growth very limited within the Netherlands, he feels. Germany, on the other hand, offers more opportunities. “However,” says Kleinbussink, “we don’t want to take Germany by storm. We’d like to see the number of stores increase step by step.”

Intratuin Moubis

Kleinbussink confirms that more branches are welcome in any case. Further development of the brand, including digitally, costs money. New franchisees can help with this. The first German Intratuin store opened its doors five years ago as Intratuin Moubis. According to Kleinbussink, their commercial success led to more German entrepreneurs showing an interest in the Dutch garden centre brand.

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