Iran Green Trade Fair in September

From Saturday September 3 to Tuesday September 6 the recently launched Iran Green Trade Fair (IGTF) will be held in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The exhibition has been developed to bring the Iranian and international Horticulture industry together, to boost Iran’s production of vegetables, fruits, flower and plants.

Organizer HPP International Exhibitions Group B.V. will for this event work together closely with its Iranian partners.

Horticulture is one of Iran’s most prominent placed sectors and this new trade fair creates for this reason an opportunity for international horticultural supply companies to enter the Iranian market and as well surrounding countries, who are also expected to visit this fair. The exhibitor profile of the fair is divided into two parts; one part will focus on the production of vegetables and fruits and the other part will emphasize on the production of flowers, gardening-, bedding- & potted plants, shrubs and trees.

Since the exhibition will be a business oriented event, the visitor profile of the fair will be dedicated to attract Iranian growers of vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, as well as importers and traders of (technical) horticultural products, such as among others greenhouses, processing machinery, irrigation systems, new flower & plant varieties, young plants propagation, seeds, peat moss, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, packaging, etcetera.

Iran Green Trade Fair will be heavily promoted among the business community of the Iranian horticulture sector but also other sectors that want to invest in horticulture in Iran. Furthermore, promotion efforts are being executed also in surrounding countries such as Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Turkey.

41 exhibitors from 12 different countries (Holland, Spain, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, India, Ethiopia, Belgium, Ecuador, France, Iran and Italy) will take part.

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