‘Israel exports around 450 millions stems of flowers’

Experts from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture estimate the current exports at around 450 million stems of flowers and foliage/shrubs, with a value of € 100 million. The most important export products are Chamelaucium (wax flower), Ruscus, Pittosporum, Anemone, Gypsophila, Limonium, Phlox, Ranunculus, Helianthus and Asclepias.

This and much more you can find in Floribusiness’ counry file on Israeli floriculture. Israel’s export position is mostly based on their ability to supply products that are difficult to grow in the EU during the winter months. Some of their products (such as wax flower) aren’t produced in the EU at all.

During the winter months, Israel is the only supplier of wax flowers on the European market. During the summer, there’s competition from countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Peony is another important export product. In terms of volume, it isn’t listed in the top-10 export varieties, but in terms of value it is. Israel brings peonies to the European market before production in the Netherlands gets underway. The EU imports peonies from Israel throughout the entire winter, but April is the most important month.

Click here to read a country file on Israeli floriculture.

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