Floribusiness Italian nursery sets up ornamental showcase: ’No other company has this’

    Italian nursery sets up ornamental showcase: ’No other company has this’


    Next spring a large Italian nursery opens a showcase with special trees and plants which is, according to their representative, is unique in European ornamental industry.

    The park is being built by Vivaio Aumenta, as representative Julien Monshe revealed at Italian trade show Flormart. „It will be a botanical showcase of trees and plants from different continents: from Asia, South America, Europe and Oceania”, said Monshe. „I don’t know any other company in Europe that also has such a showcase.”

    According to Monshe everyone is welcome to visit the park, but Aumenta focuses particularly on landscape architects. What kind of range will the company, based in Potinia south of Rome, use in the park: regarding the risk of introducing foreign organisms? „We selected the best trees and plants that fit here, on our market and in our environment. And of course, before import we’ll check the plant health thoroughly.”

    Expanding export markets

    Aumenta has 200 hectares of production and specializes in Mediterranean varieties; a total of 1,500 products. The Italian company expands its export markets. For example, it has just started selling in Azerbaijan, and according to Monshe, Russia is also interested. „If we can do business in a country, we expand our market. We do the same now in Turkey.”

    ’Not really worried about impact Xylella’

    At Flormart Monshe was not worried about the impact of Xylella in Italian exports. „Not really. We can offer everything that customers need, including certificates.”

    Picture: Arno Engels

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