‘It’s not like everything will change tomorrow’

In addition to Dutch Flower Group, there’s now also a Dutch Plant Group. Waterdrinker, Hamiplant and OZ Planten recently joined forces. “A good position in the field of product innovation alone, is not enough. You can only become a winner if your company is innovative, productive and efficient.” Mariska Foppen and Bob Moria of Waterdrinker tell us more about the new collaboration.

What’s the news from Waterdrinker? How’s business?

“We’re doing well. Our results have been better than ever, despite the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll achieve a significant growth this year. That’s partially thanks to the higher prices. The amounts that were paid for a trolley this year were completely different. In terms of volume however, the total trade didn’t increase. Although, we did see some variety. Our same-day order customers ordered more plants for higher prices. Retail customers on the other hand, ordered smaller volumes. Many orders were cancelled in March and April and we didn’t really make up for those. At the moment, some customers are more cautious again. But all in all, we’ll end our financial year with a positive result.”

It sounds like Dutch Plant Group wasn’t started because the trade wasn’t doing well then?

“No, we had already started talking to each other sixteen months ago, when we met at an event. Waterdrinker was looking to expand. But we didn’t want to sell the company. And we aren’t a party to take over other companies. In that case, we’d be looking at the smaller players in the market, who are usually facing their own challenges and problems. That requires a lot of energy, it’s a step that needs to suit your company and management team. Waterdrinker has always done everything on its own strength, we like it that way.” (..)

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