Floribusiness Jean-François Ignasse Interim-President of Fleuroselect

    Jean-François Ignasse Interim-President of Fleuroselect


    Following the very sad passing of President Herman Hamer, the Board of Fleursoselect has come together and Jean-François Ignasse the current Vice-President will take over the role of Interim President. The Board has now started the search for a new President to be elected at the A.G.M. in May 2018 in Barcelona. The Board has meanwhile appointed Harm Custers of Takii Seed who is Chair of the Business Unit Home Gardening as Vice-President.

    As Jean-François Ignasse is now acting President, his position as Chair of the Business Unit Breeders has become vacant.

    Board member Jurgen Hoogland of Syngenta Flowers who has been on the Board as the Chair of the Business Unit Protection for 2 years has left the company per 31st of December 2017 and therefore the Board of Directors. Following an application procedure amongst the members of the Business Unit, Michael Kester’ Head of Flowers at Syngenta Flowers’ has been voted on as his replacement.

    The Board has finally requested that the Chair of the Entries and Evaluation Committee joins its ranks to improve communication with this important committee. This will be in an advisory role until the Articles of Association are changed to allow voting membership. Ruud Brinkkemper of PanAmerican Seed who is Chair of the E.E.C. will therefore join the Board as from 1st January 2018.

    Fleuroselect is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than one or more than two members of each Business Unit plus a President, who is elected by the General Meeting. Each Board member has one vote on the Board of Directors. In cases where the votes are tied, the President holds a casting vote. With the exception of the position of President, there shall be no more than one representative per company or group of associated companies on the Board. The President of Fleuroselect is elected for 3 years.

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