Floribusiness Leading UK garden rose company into administration

    Leading UK garden rose company into administration


    One of the leading British garden rose nurseries has financial problems following sister companies with similar problems, including a garden centre chain.

    In March, trading company Green Moon Plants went already into administration, as well as the linked Home & Garden Group who has nine garden centres in the UK.

    Now Chessum Plants, the garden rose nursery which is also linked to Green Moon Plants and the Home & Garden Group, went also into administration. Remarkably, the turnover of Chessum was on the rise: from £6,300,000 in 2015 to £11,100,000 last year.

    The situation for Chessum is so acute that auction company Eddisons is already selling various goods from the nursery, including potted roses, bare root roses and the licenses of 41 varieties. Other nurseries and trading companies have received the auction offer by mail.

    Chessum supplies several UK retailers. In 2013 the Dutch magazine for hardy nurserystock visited the company in Bedfordshire. At that time Chessum produced 650,000 shrub roses and 150,000 standard roses, on 55 hectares of open ground, 10 hectares of container field and in 2 ha of greenhouses. Another 800,000 roses were budded on contract elsewhere. Click here to see a pictorial report.

    Pictures: Arno Engels

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