German grower Franz Hanka:

‘More German companies should participate at FlowerTrials’

Are these busy times for your company?
„You can certainly say so. Since early April, we are busy delivering the Solanum jasminoides and white daisies. Mainly, these will go to Landgard and some larger trade companies. In the first few weeks of April, business was all right, but last week it was not particularly good because of the cold weather. Due to improved weather forecasts for next week, this will soon pick up again.”

Is FlowerTrials part of your agenda?
„Yes, FlowerTrials is a must-go. For us, FlowerTrials is – together with the FloraHolland Trade Fair – the most important event of the year. It offers us an opportunity to spot innovations and get inspiration for new ideas. Besides, it is the ideal event for networking; everyone will be there.”

Which FlowerTrials locations are on your list?
„Usually, I visit the German participants once every few years. And, every year, I will spend two days in Aalsmeer and Westland in the Netherlands; that’s where you can ‘bump into’ most participants. At the least, I like to visit our plant suppliers, such as Beekenkamp, Florist, and Syngenta. FlowerTrials is the perfect opportunity to meet them all. And the great thing is that you can get a view behind the scenes at these companies, so you get a good impression. During an exhibition, you will not linger around a booth for more than ten minutes. However, during FlowerTrials, we visit the locations for at least an hour on average.”

Would you like to see any changes to the concept of FlowerTrials?
„More German companies should participate. Preferably from the Lower Rhine region; where many businesses are located that grow pot and bedding plants. Now, only a handful of German companies take part. If more German companies participate, there will be a greater incentive for visitors to travel this way.”

Will you also attend GreenTech?
„GreenTech? I’ve never heard of it … Oh, that’s the new horticultural exhibition? Maybe I will stop by and see what it’s about. The timing is certainly a good thing; to host them simultaneously with FlowerTrials.”

Franz Hanka

Company: Hanka Gartenbau
Location: Kempen St. Hubert (Germany)
Crops: Solanum jasminoides, white daisy, and Helianthus
Size: 3.4 hectares