Myplant & Garden organises design competition on a sky farm

Myplant & Garden and Fondazione Minoprio, in cooperation with the real estate investment firm SATAC SIINQ S.p.A., have set forth a creative design competition. The aim of the competition is to give value to the work of designers and operators in landscape architecture. The subject of the competition (deadline: 9 February 2020) is the creation of a sky farm on a portion of the rooftop of the new destination centre Caselle Open Mall (COM), which is in the process of being developed at Caselle Torinese, near Turin’s international airport ‘Sandro Pertini’.

The aim of the competition is to create a large rooftop garden (size of project area: 3,900 sqm) dedicated to the learning and spreading of new techniques and technologies for the cultivation of flowering plants and vegetables, both outdoors and in the greenhouse.

The green area will have to include educational and sensory paths, and also devise the presence of traditional and automated vegetable gardens, as well as transparent structures for hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics.

Didactic activities

The green area, accessible through a panoramic elevator, will welcome visitors of the new mall as well as charities, associations and schools for didactic, environmental education and sense-rehabilitation projects. With this in mind, also an indoor 100-sqm area dedicated to educational projects such as workshops, didactic activities and labs will have to be developed.

The candidate projects will have to take into consideration the following requirements: zero impact on the environment, low maintenance, ample use of low-emission equipment and ample use of plants.


Side by side to the green areas a covered commercial structure (i.e. coffee shops and bistro) with an outdoor recreational space will have to be devised.

On 26 February 2020, on the opening day of Myplant & Garden in Milan, the first three winning candidates will be announced. The winner of the first place in the competition will receive a 10,000€ prize, whereas the second and third will receive a prize of 2,500.-€ each. If SATAC SIINQ will decide to build the winning project, that could start approximately in 2022, the designer will be called to coordinate the project with the role of artistic director.

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