’New Agapanthus is so exciting’

Over the last few years, Agapanthus varieties from De Wet Plant Breeders have won top awards at European trade shows. Andy De Wet has a few more surprises coming up.

’Breeding is mysterious’, says Andy De Wet in an interview with Floribusiness. ’And once you have started breeding, you cannot stop. That is so exciting.’

De Wet Plant Breeders have won several top awards with new Agapanthus. For example, Fireworks was voted best new plant at Glee 2018, the garden trade show in Birmingham, and best new plant of the HTA National Plant Show 2019 in Coventry. Beginning of this year, ’Poppin Purple’ was voted best perennial at IPM 2020 in Germany.

In the future, more new varieties will be coming from De Wet. ’They are really new plants.’ When does he know they are really good? What kind of breeding technique is he using, and which kind of genetic material? Read the full article about De Wet in the new Floribusiness magazine. Click here for a free subscription to Floribusiness magazine.

Photo by De Wet

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