Floribusiness News Participants of Wim Hazelaar trofee known

Participants of Wim Hazelaar trofee known


On November 8th en 9th 12 participants will compete at the IFTF for the Wim Hazelaar trofee. This year participants from several countries will take part in the competition. They come from Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Spain, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands.

The participants of 2017 are:

André Botterli Trätnes (NO); Katharina Albrechtsen (DK); Elise Rosen (AU); Yoko Misumi (JP); Ani Poklepovic (Croatië); Eliezer Santana Martin (SP); Nely de Bruin (NL); Maarten van der Waal (NL); Daniëlle Adema (NL); Esther Wijngaarden (NL); Klaas Dijkstra (NL); Roos van Unen (NL)

The competition will be between the teacher and assistant florist, the freelancer and the shop owner and vice versa. The 12 participants will make 7 assignments with products the organization selected for them. Every assignment will have a minimum of requirements to meet.

The competition is held at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen and is open for all visitors of the exhibition. It is possible to have a close look at the participants working on their assignments. The assignment made by the participants are shown on the floor of World of Flowers.

On Thursday November 9th the jury will announce the winner of this year. Karin Pasman, winner of the Wim Hazelaar trofee 2016 will give the Mobach trofee to the winner of 2017. The winner also receives € 250,- given by Smithers Oasis and Bloomtube offers a demonstration at their Bloomtube channel.

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