Nine breeding companies at new locations during FlowerTrials

As a result of recent changes in the Dutch horticultural sector, nine breeders of potted and bedding plants looked for new locations to show their innovations at FlowerTrials, in the period 14 to 17 June.

This year, Benary and Volmary will present their assortment in the greenhouses of Kébol in the town of Rijsenhout, the Netherlands. Mr Fulco Spithoven, Area Sales Manager Benelux at Benary explains: ‘It was quite a challenge to find a new location for week 24. In the end, we opted for Kébol because they have brand new facilities as well as ample parking space next to the greenhouses. We also hope that being across the street from Royal Van Zanten will generate some extra traffic.’

Cohen, Jaldety, and Butterfly Gardens will be newly accommodated at Moerheim New Plant. Brandkamp, Lannes, and Schneider will display in the nursery Green 05, located in the town of Maasdijk, the Netherlands, on a part of the former plot of Peter van der Plas, which means they are staying in the Westland area. These adjustments will result in a better distribution of the FlowerTrials locations in the Dutch areas Westland and Aalsmeer.

Kienzler in Rheinland-Westfalen, Germany, is also a lot closer to the other German participants. Their new location is in Geldern-Walbeck, near Straelen, which makes a visit to the region more convenient. Mr Andreas Kienzler explains: ‘Although our show garden in Gensingen is beautiful, we have chosen to exhibit closer to the Dutch border in week 24. We are looking forward to presenting our assortment in an authentic environment to inspire our visitors to the fullest extent. Schloss Waldeck meets these two requirements perfectly.’

All locations online
The fifty-two participants in FlowerTrials are located at thirty different locations, spread over the three regions. You will find all information about the locations on each participant’s individual page at the FlowerTrials website. Using the online map, you can find all locations and see how they are situated in relation to each other to plan your route.