Floribusiness Nordic Flower Expo cancelled

    Nordic Flower Expo cancelled


    The Nordic Flower Expo, planned for 21-23 March 2017, will be cancelled. According to Francine van Wijk from BureaSierteelt.nl counted the restart with its new set up on many positive reactions but in the end there is too little interest to actually participate.


    Nordic Flower Expo B.V. had the ambition to offer more than just a tradeshow by organising floral demo’s in the FlowerSensation pavilion, organising workshops and an extended seminar program. The actual amount of participants is however not high enough to proceed.


    The Expo was being held in 2015 for the first time. Nordic Flower Expo B.V. has set itself the goal to make a restart of the floricultural platform in 2017 with more local support and an extended program with a lot of side activities. Reason for this was the amount of growers and traders who indicated to have an eye on the Nordics. Even during the acquistion phase, many companies were enthusiastic, most of all due to the FlowerSensation, but the support for amongst the traders stays off. Without enough applications, no show and as a result no FlowerSensation event.


    The fact that the Danish growers didn’t participate at Nordic Flower Expo was crucial. Two years ago 60 Danish growers participated collectively. This year they wanted to participate in Malmö under the condition that two Danish exporters would join the fair too. The organization was not able to meet with this condition.


    At this moment Van Wijk can’t say anything about the future of Nordic Flower Expo.

    Arie-Frans Middelburg
    Arie-Frans Middelburg werkt sinds 2002 als redacteur bij het Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij. Hij schrijft onder meer over veilingen, logistiek en ontwikkelingen in de sierteelt in het buitenland.