‘Intensive collaboration between Blueroots and Floriday would be the best for both’

The holidays are over, people are returning to work refreshed and full of new energy. At Dutch Flower Group (DFG), we’re using that energy for things like our strategy development. We’re putting a strong focus on working together on growth. Both within our companies and outside of those. Themes like digitalisation and sustainability are guiding us in our plans.

I recharged my own batteries on a great cycling holiday. I cycled from the Netherlands to Switzerland on an e-bike. While I was enjoying the beautiful, green surroundings during the many hours of cycling, I got a chance to reflect on my previous column titled ‘Good to Great’. In that, I said I was missing courage and true leadership in certain places in our sector.

The theme of leadership brings me to the topic of digitalisation within our industry. It’s crucial for us as a sector, to complement each other. And support each other. Digitalisation requires leadership too.

DFG worked together with FleuraMetz to develop Blueroots. Nearly 25 shareholders are currently implementing the digital connections within this independent, digital platform. Throughout the process, we carefully listened to our growers and discussed the project with Royal FloraHolland (RFH). Our approach was an intensive collaboration between Blueroots and Floriday. After all, that’s what would be best for both platforms. Blueroots can benefit from a platform like Floriday, and vice versa.

As trading companies, we indicated that we want to join forces. Our ideal is one, strong, international platform, focused on improving the efficiency in the sector. With better market information and more sustainability, we can combine our energy. It could lead to a cost-efficient and market-oriented ecosystem. In my opinion, there’s a huge opportunity for our sector to further strengthen our international position.

Filled with new energy, I therefore call on RFH to work together with the trading parties on the concrete implementation of a joint marketplace. I hope that RFH will show leadership in this area and that they are refreshed and ready to embark on the collaboration regarding this important theme.

Marco van Zijverden,

CEO Dutch Flower Group

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