'More German companies should participate at FlowerTrials'

Until a few years ago, drones were boys’ toys, or they were used for military and photographic purposes. Recently, applications are being developed to use them in the agricultural sector. There are numerous possibilities, even within greenhouses. Here you will find an overview.

Detection systems are not yet widely used in horticulture. Drones have the potential to change all that. Recently, Erik Pekkeriet, a researcher at Wageningen UR is experiencing a newfound interest in detection systems. „That’s great. But the first question shouldn’t be what can a drone be used for but what do I want to measure?”

It is a perfect time to invest in Colombian floriculture

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Monday, April 25th Wesseling Export in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, stopped trading in the export of flowers and plants. According to the spokesman, the company has gone bankrupt.

Every year, the Dutch Embassy in Uganda asks all local Dutch businesses to sponsor the celebrations of King's Day. In return, your company name will be shown on a banner during a party where the Dutch citizens in Uganda indulge in sponsored booze and ’bitterballen’. Because the party was organised so poorly last year, it has been a huge disappointment for me. So this year, I've decided not to ‘donate’ any money anymore.

Four new breeding companies have joined the FlowerTrials and will be exhibiting for the first time this year. Bock Bio Science, Gediflora, Prudac en VWS FlowerBulbs.

Why a Brazilian grower named his company after queen Máxima?

The Brazilians are quite superstitious, is what I learned at Máxima Flores today. And yes, the nursery of Richard Wiemeersch is named after the...

‘The Brazilian bureaucracy is a disaster’

The sun is shining in Brazil, the people are very welcoming, the floricultural industry is thriving and the food is delicious. There’s only one,...

Next generation already taking over in Holambra

"My father is clever. When I was little, he gave me a small greenhouse for my birthday. I spent hours playing in it. That’s...

Phalaenopsis grower Marco Menin: ‘The Italian economy is slowly recovering’

Menin is the largest phalaenopsis nursery in Italy. At the recent Myplant & Garden fair in Milan, Menin was showing a new concept, which...

Tulip grower Christoph Pieters was very happy with the pick-your-own garden in Antwerp

The official opening of the cut-tulip season on the third Saturday in January has gained international traction. In addition to the pick-your-own tulip garden...

Peruvian grower Alfredo Letts: ‘We could do with some competition’

One of the exhibitors that really stood out at IFTF in Vijfhuizen was Roots Peru. They grow seventeen different types of flowers for exports,...