Plantion introduces new led screen

The Dutch auction Plantion has replaced the six beamers in the auction room with an LED screen. The 5 million pixels give a better image quality. The high resolution and the larger screen (14×6 meters) also offer the auction the opportunity to show more information and videos during the auction proces.

“The LED screen is a statement that we are investing in physical auctioning. It’s good for our image. It is important that customers feel welcome. It is no punishment to sit in the auction room for two hours.”

It is 7:30 Monday morning 25 October, one and a half hours after the inauguration of Plantion’s new clock front. In a meeting room, Plantion’s CEO André van Kruijssen lists some additional reasons to invest in an LED screen. Invited guests are employees of Auxcis, commissioners and board members of the auction and two Brazilian growers.

Van Kruijssen has already made clear the main reasons of investing in LED: better image quality and more flexibility.

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